HashAPass Google Gadget

2008-10-23 Google Desktop Gadget

Hashapass Google Gadget screenshot

Just finished the Google Desktop  version of the hashapass application.  It can be downloaded  from here: http://www.grahame.falvey.net/gghashapass/Hashapass.gg or from the Google Gadgets library.

2008-08-14 iGoogle Gadget

Hashapass iGogle Gadget Screenshot

Recently I ported the HashAPass application from the http://www.hashapass.com site to a Google Gadget for use on your Google home page www.igoogle.com.  You can find this gadget here: http://www.google.com/ig/directory?q=hashapass&hl=en&root=%2Fig&dpos=top

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