PPCHashAPass is an application for the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 2003) that is based on the hashapass password generator web site.

This application helps you create passwords by using a “Service Identifier”/”Master password” combination. It means that you only ever have to remember simple identifiers for each account that you wish to log into and a single password. PPCHashAPass will do the rest of the “remembering” for you.

I was having the problem of too many accounts on too many disparate systems which meant that I needed to either;

  1. Write my passwords down somewhere.
  2. Use the same password everywhere.
  3. Use simple easy to remember passwords.

Then I came across the hashapass site and realised it was the answer to most of my prayers. I began using it for most of my passwords. It gives a strong non dictionary passwords that I can recall without the need to write them down.

However one problem still existed. I’m not logged onto the Internet (I know. Shock horror!) and need access to my passwords. Or I’m not comfortable with transmitting my Parameter/Master password pair over the Internet.

So, I hit upon the idea of porting the application to my Pocket PC. This application you will find here on these pages is the result.

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