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New Addition to the family

We now have a new addition to the family. Everyone, I’d like you to meet Asja

She is an 11 week old Siberian Husky. Everyone who meets her loves her. We got her from the lovely people (Niko & Patricia) at At the moment she is still learning her new home and world. More photos can be found here and I’ll post them from time to time as I take more and she grows.

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Life is short..

Life is short. Far too short.

Friday the 4th of May 2007 marked the end of one life’s story and the end of a major chapter of my own. John Michael Falvey, my father, the one constant in my life ceased to be. While I was not able to be with him during his final moments, I was blessed enough to have been able to spend several weeks with him earlier this year when I returned to Australia on holidays.

I have never been one for people morning those who pass. I believe that people do not morn because they grieve for the person who has passed, but rather they grieve for their own sorrow and loss. I morn now. I grieve that I will never see him again. I grieve that the man I have know all my life, who has always been there for me, who has always cared for me, will no longer be there, can no longer care. However at the same time I understand that this is the natural cycle of the universe. Everything is created to eventually be returned to dust. Everything has it’s time and place. My father’s place was here, however his time is now over. Such is the circle of time where the only constant is change.. Read the rest of this entry

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